Last Pop Of Summer

Rome Vintage Outfit 12It’s officially the end of Summer. This Tuesday was the Autumn Equinox, that time of year where I usually look forward to wrapping up in layers and digging the woolies out from the back of my wardrobe. Checking my Instagram feed I’ve began to see hot chocolate instead of ice cream and ankle boots instead of flip flops from you all back home.

In Rome, we’ve still got temperatures in the high twenties so I’m a little disconnected from the usual routine. That said, last night we had a crazy thunderstorm (they really are so much more intense here and they go on for hours!) so Autumn should hopefully be here soon.

So, in contrast, introducing the last post of the Summer!

Rome Vintage Outfit 17Ask an Italian and they’ll tell you this Summer was much colder than usual and rather disappointing. If that’s true, then thank god!  It was bloody hot, I’m not sure how I would have survived anything much hotter.

As for clothes, I lived in bikini’s, sandals and loose cotton dresses to cover up when sighting seeing or walking to and from the beach. Not actually owning much of this type of clothing (there just isn’t the demand for it in Coventry), everyday was an easy and rather liberating choice.
Salt Water Sandals 3Rome Vintage Outfit 4skirtThis has got to be one of my favourite vintage dresses, originally bought from Freshmans Boutique in Sheffield (remember that uni friends?!) it started out allocated to the party dress section of my wardrobe. These days I find the 100% cotton and loose cut makes it perfect for scorching hot days. Label by Pop Vintage so I suspect it’s remade from vintage fabric – good work on find that kaleidoscopic pattern guys, I’ll never get tired of it.

It’s an uncomplicated outfit, simply paired with a pair of white Salt Water Sandals which I treated myself to a few months ago. I love their traditional style and they’ve really withstood a battering of sun, sand and seawater. Recommended.

Rome Vintage Outfit 25So let’s wrap up with some postcards from an Italian Summer…San Felice Circeo Old Town The view from the old town in San Felice Circeo. I also spent a few weeks further afield and travelled to the region of Puglia which (think of a map!) is the heel of the boot. PugliaPuglia sunsetPuglia DolceGood food is everywhere you look in Italy – and in every place I’ve visited I’ve been told “Oh, the mozzarella is very famous here”. Everytime.

Locorotunda PugliaScooter South ItalyTrulli Puglia Puglia is well known for this type of white brick building called Trulli, the distinctive dome rooves are topped (and sometimes painted) with different symbols, each from different religious meanings. Puglia Puglia StreetPuglia ChurchIMG_1791italian tilesIMG_1863If beautiful towns comprised of maze like streets is your thing, then Puglia is the region to visit. I also think it is impossible for Italians to be far from the sea in Summer, so of course there’s plenty of gorgeous beaches too.
Puglia rock beach


And Your Bird Can Sing…

Woodland dress

jephson gardens

It’s getting to that time of year when you can start to feel the season changing, with gentle reminders of Autumn nudging you for attention. Getting ready yesterday morning, I was choosing which sandals would go with my Summer dress only to see (and hear) the rain reminding me to be slightly more practical! On went the standard tights and sensible shoes instead.

Thankfully, the shower abated and I took advantage of what I suspect will be one of the last days of Summer with a trip to some nearby Gardens.


swan print dressI love this swan print dress! It was love at first sight when I spotted it on eBay –  with a cute collar and even cuter print I knew it had to be mine. It’s actually maternity wear which means it’s a bit, ahem… busty for me but I think it’s manageable.

tie waist


With such changeable weather I covered up with a favourite army shirt of mine. It magically fits into that slot of your wardrobe when it’s too hot for cardigans, and too chilly for bare skin. Being so useful must be why it’s so worn and bobbly but I’m not ready to part with it yet.



yellow flower

wasp flowerIt turns out having your picture taken for blogging is mortifying and hilarious in equal measure. Of course, I’ve edited out the dodgy snaps but I can tell you they come with captions such as; “what’s wrong with your face?”, “yeah, you have got a funny mouth” and “what are you doing with your arms?” Not my words, but those of my trusty friend behind the camera :) So, for balance, please enjoy some pictures from around the park including a rather adventurous squirrel!

grey squirrel

sitting in shelter

swanThe real deal :)

Travel Journal: All aboard the Athens tour bus!

I just can’t stop going through my holiday photos! We’ve barely been back home a week and yet as we get back into our daily routines, our trip already feels like a distant memory. I’m glad I can share the holiday moments all over again on this blog.

On our first full day in Athens we decided to take an open top bus tour to get an overall sense of the city and also, roughly work out where everything is – it’s one thing looking in the guide book, but just who knows how long it will take to walk across two map squares?

I thought the bus commentary was pretty uninformative, but there was some ‘interesting’ Greek music to keep us entertained. We also got our first peek at the Acropolis and Pantheon, so it wasn’t a complete loss.

After the tour we found ourselves nearby the Greek Parliament. The building attracts a lot of tourists, and whilst you can’t get inside to see the real goings on, it’s worth dropping by if you’re near Syntagma Square.

Soldiers are on guard outside the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not a job I’d fancy to be honest. Although they do get to perform changing of the guard ceremonies every hour. I saw this particular soldier impressively (but accidentally) boot the top of the hut whilst doing his ceremonial stomp.



Some detailing on one of the crests/shields decorating Parliament. Don’t you think the Phoenix’s shadow looks like a face in profile?

Not yet used to the heat we had a quick pit stop, which I spent examining some heat rash appearing on my arm. Once Rich reassured me that I wasn’t going to die, we sought some shade in the National Gardens nearby.

And look what we found, some stone columns just waiting for two eager tourists to pose with them!

National Garden

A sprig of stolen Rosemary which I tucked under the buckle of my bag so I could sniff it as I pleased.

And because I can’t resist a food photo, here’s what we had for dinner that evening:

Greek meal

We went ‘To Kafeneio‘ which is in Plaka but just on the edge of the main tourist area where you can avoid the waiters trying to drag you into their restaurant – all with the same promise of  “the best food in Athens!”

We ordered fried pork & peppers, potato fritters, a trusty greek salad and some tzatziki. We ate late in the evening (Greek style) so once we’d finished it was time to wander to the Metro and speed our way back to the hotel.