Welcome back sunshine!

Last week we welcomed back the sunshine with open arms, how we’ve missed your golden rays! However, it’s now Monday again, it’s overcast and we’re back at work. What happened?

Before the sun disappeared, I visited Birmingham Botanical Gardens and spent the day gazing at the flora and fauna. It’s hard to believe that such a green space is so close to the centre of Birmingham. It’s well worth the walk, or in my case drive through confusing one way streets, to visit.

The whole day was a kaleidoscope of colour and textures, so this promises to be my brightest blog post yet!

hot pink

I like the way these leaves are wearing the same shade of hot pink as me!

Cocoa Pod

A cocoa pod, which I thought was growing oddly from the trunk of a tree.

Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson impersonations.

I couldn’t resist touching this plant. Its red spikes actually felt very soft.

19th Century window lever.

Time to stop for refreshments and enjoy the view.


I was smitten with these tiny birds and their “beep, beep, beep” noises!

This charming fellow was quite happy to stop preening himself and pose for the camera.

The vegetable patches were one of my favourite parts. What a perfect opportunity to dream up some future recipes.

Enjoying yourself can be so tiring! We rested our feet again before journeying home for an evening in, followed by a long, Sunday morning lie in.


What do very hungry caterpillars turn into?

British Summertime is in full swing! Well not quite, but that didn’t stop us enjoying a tropical day out at Stratford-upon-Avon’s butterfly farm.

Although the butterflies were the main attraction, there were also some other animals roaming free. I loved the cute quails scurrying around and the iguanas casually munching on leaves.

It’s definitely worth a visit, as you wont see butterflies like this in your back garden. I’d recommend following it by lunch and a cold beer by the riverside like we did. Perfect. : )

Some of my photos can be found on the Bloomtrigger blog here.