Oh! You Pretty Things

This weekend I drove up to Manchester to see my much missed friend, Sara. We met at uni in Sheffield; I was wandering round first year halls looking for my new housemates. Sara was unpacking trinkets and pinning Beatles posters on the walls. Isn’t it obvious we’d be friends?

Overall, it was a pretty chilled weekend, we did attempt a night out but it was destined to be one of those hyped evenings which just can’t live up to expectation. We came back early and watched David Bowie on BBC 4, which was super! (Incidentally, if you want a soundtrack to this blog post, a bit of Bowie will always go down well.)

Not many photos this time, but treat yourself to some of the vintage homewares around the flat Sara shares with her boyfriend.

“In case of emergency dial 999”, Β obviously some important factual information here.

A selection of Hornsea Heirloom pottery.

Portmeirion Jupiter hot chocolate mugs.

I love the way this golfer’s face is slightly mismatched! I wonder if it affects his putting?

My favourite, a G Plan sideboard kitted out with mini bar!

Fancy a game with these Biba saucy ladies playing cards?

The mini bar in all its evening glory, Babycham anyone?

Proof that we did leave the house! We spent Sunday afternoon wondering around Didsbury shops and eating lunch in the park.


One thought on “Oh! You Pretty Things

  1. Loooove the phone. I’m all over the old telephones at the moment… Kinda feel like we should be moving back to the world of the landline, what with such wonderful designs at our fingertips!

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